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We have known and worked with Pooja Clothing Pvt Ltd since their inception in 2009. We have always found the management and staff of Pooja Clothing to be pro-active and result oriented. In our already competitive industry, it is very important to have a vendor on your team who understands the meaning of quality and the value of timely deliveries. Pooja Clothing embodies both of these essentials and their ownership has spent a lot of time and effort in training their staff, from merchandising to production to back the commitments made by the management. We have always found Pooja Clothing to be fair in all of their business dealings with us and with their suppliers and staff. We fully endorse their work ethic in an industry where it is very tempting to bypass rules and regulations. We look forward to a continued and mutually beneficial association with Pooja Clothing.

Bhavik Shah
Country Head
Shah Safari Inc. (Liaison) INDIA

Very few people have the positive attitude combined with honesty in today’s business days.
I have been working with Paras @ Pooja Clothing for the past 5 years and his skills and commitment to his goals are commendable. Good quality and timely deliveries are what I would pay most emphasis on as he is one of my most preferred exporter/ supplier.

Ajay Kapoor, Kapoor Impex

Pooja Clothing Pvt Ltd is one of our best Vendors. We have been acquainted with them since 2013 & in all these years we had an amazing relationship with them. They have always been co-operative & assertive & always stand by our side whenever required. Quality which is our USB is never been an issue. They understand & always give priority to quality & infact they have been great help in suggesting ways which are production friendly. They are very fair in their business dealings towards all their Emb / fabric suppliers. All the staff out there is well trained & prompt in all their reverts. They are one of our best ethnic garment manufacturers. We look forward to continue this work relationship with them in the coming future years.

Varsha Punjabi
General Manager Production
Global Desi Brand

83, Vishal Industrial Estate, Bhandup Village Road, Bhandup West, Mumbai – 400 078 India.

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